James Blunt and the Art of Tweet-Attack Deflection

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James Blunt… Remember him? Yes, he’s still around, he’s on Twitter and has been facing a horde of internet trolls lately. Sure, I don’t like his music either, but the amount of vitriol he is getting, is not quite proportional! Talk about “mob mentality”! Now, I don’t know if he’s actually the one answering, but it’s hilarious. An example?

Now that’s what I would call a skillful answer, albeit a rather insulting one!  ;-) Another of his attackers tweeted “I want to kick James Blunt… repeatedly… I dont know why,” only to receive another quality answer: “Easy spelling mistake as K and L are right beside each other,”. For more of these and perhaps even some better examples, you can check out his Twitter Feed, or The Poke’s compilation or the 30 best counterattacks.

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I don’t know what you all think about the strategy being followed here, but I personally doubt it is doing any damage to his reputation. James Blunt still has many fans, and whether you like him or not, you can still give him credit. The guy has a successful musical career and is still selling his music. I guess what I am saying, is that everyone gets the chance to defend himself, whether they are famous or not. I can still detect a few dangers though:

1. The exchange gets out of control and someone who’s been insulted starts fighting back as well. There is a definite possibility that it could spiral out of control, but I guess you really have to know when to stop so that it doesn’t happen. I would imagine that James Blunt’s PR people (he must have one, right?) would know this.

2. The exchange receives so much publicity, that it becomes almost a “sport” for the internet to insult James Blunt on Twitter, just to see what the answer would be. Whether this happens or not is very unpredictable as is whether and when something will go viral. Either way, at the time of writing this, I have seen not such development. Perhaps there are not enough people who actually care about James Blunt or insulting him or his music? Who knows…

James Blunt has actually said that he enjoys seeing the negative comments about him and he finds it a lot of fun answering them so he seems really ok about the whole thing. I guess it does

What do you think? Is this a publicity stunt? Will it continue? What are the chances it escalates?

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