It’s Time To Make Social Media “Social” Again

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Social Media was born to bring people together, open conversation, build networks…. It was meant to be personal. Social Media was born to be “social” before everything else, meaning to let people exchange freely.

But when it became popular, brands soon realized the huge opportunity: millions (soon to be billions) of potential consumers in one place! And soon social media became a huge “market place” where brands fight to earn more “consumer time” and more opportunities to talk about themselves….

The following infographic by HubSpot shows how we are now at a turning point. It is important that brands rethink the way they talk to consumers on social media.

I have been defending the concept of “small shop owner” for quite a while now, because I believe this is the right and only way for brands to exist on social media:

Make consumer feel welcome, greet them and offer to help if they need, orientate them to the right product/service or person and finally make sure they get what they came for!

Infograhic - We are Social Media

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