It’s Not Just Your “Newsletter”. It’s Your Most Valuable Asset.

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When it comes to social media, there is nothing more important than your email list. So if you’re not treating your email list like royalty – and your favorite social platform dies a terrible, unanticipated death tomorrow – you’re pretty much screwed.

All the fans you attracted, informed, and entertained with so much effort? They’re GONE like a MySpace-flavored, Friendster-shaped bullet.

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Even if Facebook outlives you, a mere 2-6% of your Facebook followers will see any one of your posts organically. Your emails? That’s a 30-60% open rate if you’re doing it well.

But too many email lists suffer from neglect, pedanticism, and even abuse.

In fact, this email nonsense has gone on so long that there’s no longer time to mince words about it. Because your email list is the most valuable marketing asset you have, it’s time to start acting like it.

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Do you email your list too much or not enough? Are you stumped as to why no one opens your missives?

Let’s start your email audit by determining whether or not you are boring the ever-loving crap out of your loyal followers. If you’re down with that, here are my non-minced suggestions to make the most of the captive audience you could be wasting:

  • Earn your place in my inbox. You and I, and every other human on the planet, guards their inbox like a crocodile with newly-sharpened teeth. I can unsubscribe from your emails faster than I can read the subject line.
    So for Pete’s sake, don’t put anything in your email that you wouldn’t want to read yourself. This is where you give your audience the best of what you’ve got.
  • – Stop calling it a newsletter. “Newsletter” is literally a 16th century term. It was coined about the time the printing press was created. Nobody wants a newsletter.
  • – Stop talking about yourself. Really. Did you forget to write or send the last email? Please don’t tell me how busy you are. I’m busy too. Seriously.
    Too busy to care about whatever kept you from sending your last update. In fact, I didn’t even notice. So just give me the great content I signed up for without the preamble, okay? That’d be awesome.
  • – Stop [F*Naming] me. No joke. Yes, I know how many articles tell you it’s a good idea to address your audience personally. But let’s face it. No one actually falls for that. Especially when I didn’t submit my name and your mailing software actually addresses me as “Dear [F*NAME].” I mean, ouch.
  • – Rejoice when I unsubscribe. Look, if you email regularly with useful or entertaining content, you will inevitably streamline your audience. That’s a good thing! Unless you’re into paying to talk to people who aren’t interested in hearing from you.

A steady minimal unsubscribe rate means you’re doing something right, NOT wrong. You want your email subscribers to be your gung-ho people. And that is not going to be everyone.

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