It Only Takes 3 Clicks To Boost Your Tweets

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We all know how simple it is to create a promoted post on Facebook, just by clicking on the ‘Boost’ button at the end of each post, right? This option is now available on Twitter as well – how exciting.

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The new feature is called ‘Quick Promote‘ and it’s aimed towards small and medium business owners that want to advertise without breaking their heads with more complex targeting solutions. In combination with the syndication of tweets, this could be a huge win for brands that want to raise awareness and inbound traffic.

Quick Promote will be available to users through the analytics platform. The process to set up your promoted tweets takes only three steps. First of all, users log into their analytics dashboard and see how they tweets perform. Then, they can select the tweet the want to boost and choose from the budget options and then see how their ad performs on their dashboard.

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Twitter offers complex solutions such as ultra-geolocation targeting and advanced audience segmentation,  but it has now found what it was missing. A simple solution for all beginners our there who don’t have the time or budget to create uber-sophisticated ads with extremely accurate targeting; they just want the world to know that they exist.

As Paul May, CEO of startup @BuzzStream, adds:

[…] Being able to quickly pinpoint content that’s performing and then target people who are naturally interested in the topic gives us a fast, effective way to grow our audience and amplify our message.

And that’s the whole point. SMB owners can raise awareness regarding their brand, product or services and then target the right audience with a more tailored solution.

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