Is Twitter Ditching The 140-Character Limit?

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Could this be the case? Well, as reports suggest, the microblogging platform is thinking about leaving behind its 140-character days and go beyond that limit. In fact, it has already started working on a solution.

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According to Re/Code, Twitter is already developing a new product that will let users post updates that exceed the 140-character limit. There are no further details as to how the final product will look like or what is its exact release date would be. All we know for now is that Twitter is already working on it.

With the need to accommodate and support various media formats, it was only a matter of time for the social network to reconsider its stance towards copy length. We have all come across situations where to squeezing hashtags, mentions and videos in a single update, seemed like an impossible quest. The new update promises to change that.

Could this mean that Twitter will modify the way links and images are calculated towards the total character usage? Could this also affect hashtags and handles? The possibilities seem countless, at least for now. One thing is for sure: Should Twitter release its new “product”, social media marketers will have to change the way they communicate on the medium. For users, however, such development could signify a renewed interest in the platform.

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