Is Pinterest Considering A ‘Buy’ Button?

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This week has brought many changes to Pinterest. Apart from killing affiliate links, Pinterest has also forged a partnership with App Store to enable installation of apps directly from its platform. So, it comes as no surprise that the social network is actively considering adding a ‘buy’ button to its palmarès.

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In fact, according to Re/Code, Pinterest is already developing this e-commerce solution, but it’s unclear yet whether it will be rolled out immediately or in a test environment. However, it seems most likely to be publicly available in the next few Qs.

Right now, Pinterest is mostly a search, discovery and ‘save-for-later’ platform. Users turn to it because they want to find cool new products that they could buy. With the latest news, it seems that the social network wants to expand its features by enabling users to buy directly while surfing through the various pinboards.

This move comes straight after Pinterest‘s decision to strip off all affiliate links from its Pins – this could only mean one thing; Pinterest will control all monetisation for purchases made through or thanks to its platform. In fact, the scenario of earning a commission for every purchase made seems most likely than ever.

According to the same sources, the social network is already collaborating with Stripe, a online payments process solution and it will be the preferred partner for this new endeavour.

Let’s not forget that Pinterest is not the first social network to add e-commerce capabilities. Earlier in 2014 both Facebook and Twitter added ‘Buy’ buttons to their toolkits, enabling advertisers amplify their message and sales. Will Pinterest integrate with its newly founded advertising solutions – just like its two other counterparts did? It seems that this is the only way to go.

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