Is Facebook Releasing Its Own CRM?

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And it’s not just a speculation, as a top Facebook executive has revealed that the social network is already using its own custom software for tracking leads.

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Facebook‘s CIO, Timothy Campos stated in Wall Street Journal that the social network has already built its own customer-relationship-management tool. This tool stores advertisersinformation, so that Facebook’s teams have all the relevant data when troubleshooting for an ad. Moreover, Facebook‘s CRM can send notifications regarding payments and expired credit cards.

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The question is if this tool will roll out for the rest of the world. A limited version of it can already be seen through Facebook’s Business Manager, where agencies and advertisers can set up accounts, manage access and ads from a single platform.

Facebook‘s CRM is not the only custom piece of product  used, though. The social network is also leveraging its own HR software and hardware monitoring tool. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if Facebook decided to make its arsenal available to businesses; In fact, it would make so much sense. Let’s not forget that the social network has launched a professional spin-off to help vertical and horizontal communications and organisation within enterprises, so why skip the opportunity to make even more profit?

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