Is Facebook Ready To Launch AR Glasses?

by • August 21, 2017 • FacebookComments Off on Is Facebook Ready To Launch AR Glasses?2450

Since Oculus filed a patent application for augmented reality glasses we might be expecting Facebook to launch its first tech hardware soon. 

Facebook is a keen supporter of AR. During this year’s F8 conference, the company announced that it was working on the first mainstream augmented reality platform.” Back then, it was all about providing app developers with a platform that would bridge AI and VR. But now it seems Facebook is ready to take another direction, with its first piece of hardware.

The patent filed by Oculus, a Facebook-owned company, describes the hardware as “a waveguide display used as part of the virtual reality (VR) system, AR system, mixed reality (MR) system or some combination therefore.”

Facebook could well be the one to succeed where Google and Snap did not. Google Glasses never really took off, and Snap’s Spectacles have failed to keep people excited for more than a few months (read: Snapchat’s Spectacles May Not Be Such A Hit After All).

Facebook seems to be planning to put all the experience it acquired in VR through Oculus, to be the first social platform to truly harness the power of AR wearables. Or is just another PR stunt aiming at scaring Snapchat?

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