Is Facebook Launching A Phone Call App?

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How many times have we seen this little yellow pop-up ribbon on top of Facebook‘s homepage, prompting us to insert our phone number? That’s right, countless times. Why are we saying this? Because apparently, a little glitch in the system, revealed Facebook‘s plans to take down carriers.

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We all knew that Facebook allows calls when performed through Messenger. It even has integration with Skype to allow video calls. But this latest update is a completely different story. Just a few days ago, an Android user tipped Android Police with a screen shot that proves that Facebook is developing an application which handles calls, in general. 

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The screenshot shows a message prompting users to install or update an app, however, when users confirm the action, an error message appears. It also bears a ‘[FB-ONLY]’ signage which probably means that the app is destined for internal use only – aka ‘dog food’.


The message writes: “Phone is a new app that shows you info about who’s calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers“. So, basically, Facebook is looking for a way to connect its vast user database with their numbers and show their information each time you receive a call.

We had seen a similar implementation with Rapportive, an app that read a sender’s email, retrieved his or her information from LinkedIn and showed it to recipients. So, maybe Facebook is aiming to create something like that, only for phone calls.

Facebook‘s Phone app will also block commonly blocked phone numbers, in order to make sure that no one disturbs you. And while all this may sound like a long shot for the social network, this piece of information makes us believe that it may be planning something bigger – like becoming a telecommunications provider.

Although no official confirmation is here yet, we are optimistic that we will have more information regarding this mystery app, soon.

Image courtesy of Android Police.

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