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Introducing Syme: An Encrypted Social Network

by • December 4, 2013 • ReviewsComments Off on Introducing Syme: An Encrypted Social Network6194


Concerned about your privacy on Social Media? Do you have valuable things to share only with a few chosen? Good news, Syme is here for you. According to the official page, the new social media network is an experimental project that puts forward a new way to share securely and privately with groups.

All your posts will be shared with the people you select (and only with them), using powerful encryption algorithms. Syme claims that even employees of the project won’t have access to your stuff. Only the persons you select will receive a special key in order to decipher your posts. Interesting, huh?


What’s important, though, is that Syme does not mask your IP address and, therefore, doesn’t make you anonymous. It will only encrypt your data – and not your metadata.

You can create a group and start sharing posts, pictures, documents and videos privately in less than a minute. Anyone can use Syme – it works just like the social networks you already know. For the time being, it is available as an extension for Chrome browser and “coming soon” for Safari and Firefox.

Will you use Syme?

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