Introducing Instagram 6.0 With A Bunch Of New Tools And Filters

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Instagram is already the favorite photo sharing app for many of us. Today, Instagram is introducing a new version to conquer the most demanding of photographers.

The new version brings in a set of new creative tools on Instagram with the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and more.

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When you select a filter in Instagram 6.0, you will now see a wrench icon that will let you access a set of 9 new photo effects and the intensity of its existing filters for you to adjust how much of a filter you want to apply to your photo.

Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, explained how the new version comes to compete with other photo editing apps:

These give everyone the power of desktop editing suites and photo apps like Camera+ and Photoshop Express for free, which creates a nice level playing field for the Instagram community.

Here are the new features coming on Instagram 6.0:

  • – Filter Strength: Tap on a filter to adjust the filter strength.
  • – Adjust: crop and straighten your photo at the same time
  • – Brightness: makes your photo brighter or darker
  • – Contrast: makes the bright areas of your photo brighter, and the dark areas darker
  • – Warmth: shifts the colors of your photo towards either warmer orange tones or cooler blue tones
  • – Saturation: increases or decreases the color intensity of the image (e.g. red becomes redder)
  • – Highlights: adjust the brightness focusing on the bright areas of the image
  • – Shadows: adjust the brightness focusing on the dark areas of the image
  • – Vignette: darkens the edges of the photo and directs the attention away from the edges towards the center of the photo
  • – Sharpen: adds a subtle crispness to your photo and makes photo clearer


Instagram also improved a few existing tools:

  • – Straighten
  • – Border
  • – Blur/Tilt Shift
  • – Crop
  • – Lux
  • – Rotate

Instagram for iOS version 6.0 is available today in Apple’s App Store, and Instagram for Android version 6.0 is available today on Google Play.

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