Instagram’s New Mobile Site Now Lets You Upload Pictures

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Instagram has been unstoppable these past few months. The app just cannot stop growing. And now, it has a fully functional mobile site as well.

Instagram is preparing to take over the world. The company has given its mobile site a massive upgrade that brings in most of the core features of the mobile app. You can now access the app whether you download the app on your phone or not, and yes, you can also now upload photos from the mobile site.

With the mobile site, users will also gain access to a light version of the Explore tab, giving users access to thousands of pictures to discover.


You can’t upload videos, add filters, upload to Stories, or send direct messages yet, but there is no doubt these features are on their way. This is definitely still a huge step in the right direction for Instagram.

There are many reasons why this is a clever move for Instagram. Some people won’t download the app, but they may be willing to use the service via a regular mobile browser. Elsewhere, where data and mobile Internet speeds are limited, a mobile site is much easier for people to use. Also, some people still use feature phones, right?

And my question is: “When do we get this on desktop?”

Image source: TechCrunch

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