Instagram’s API Has Been Upgraded To Facebook Graph API

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Facebook for developers has announced that Instagram API has now been upgraded to Facebook Graph API, and that the new API is available to all developers.

In July, we announced that Instagram was upgrading its API to Facebook’s Graph API, allowing developers to increase efficiency by using its existing Graph API SDKs. The upgrade has now been completed, and gives developers the opportunity to get more technical support, and to “monitor app activity with a set of dashboards.”

The main, and most important, development with the use of the “new” Instagram Graph API, is that businesses can now monitor their organic performance more effectively when using third-party tools. Additionally, those businesses who were using third-party tools to monitor their performance, the upgrade also expands comment moderation, with the addition of the ability to turn comments on or off – or to hide them altogether.

Up until now, businesses could use performance insights and view metrics within the app itself. Anyone who had switched to a business profile in the app a year ago, already had access to these – the upgrade now also brings all these features to Instagram Graph API, to be monitored more effectively.

Please note that businesses will still have to use “a business profile” to access the features, whether via the app or via the API. It will simply not work for personal profiles. Finally, “Facebook Login is required when giving permission to third-party tools.” This brings Facebook and Instagram closer together – at least as far as performance-monitoring is concerned.

In the latest announcement, software engineer Ravi Gummadi further explains that any app developers who are already using Instagram’s API won’t have to do anything. This is a good thing, as they can simply continue to use the API “unaffected and start building new features with the upgraded Graph API version.”

If you are interested in using the new features available to developers and businesses, you should consult the API’s documentation here.

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