Instagram Went Down And Users Took It To Twitter

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Instagram faced a feed problem yesterday that didn’t allow its users to access the main feed, which was enough to cause a stir on the Web and especially Twitter.

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As it happens with Facebook when it is down, users flock on Twitter to complain about the problem, or even add a humorous aspect on the issue. This time was no different, with many Instagram users anxiously tweeting about the problem that lasted more than 2 hours.

Instagram tweeted in around an hour after the problem started that:

We’re working to fix a feed delivery issue. Thank you for your patience. — Instagram (@instagram)

Although this tweet could be reassuring for some users, it wasn’t enough for those that are addicted to the popular photo-sharing app and felt that they weren’t able to express themselves during these 2 hours.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 2.40.24

It was a matter of time until the hashtag #instagramnotworking turned trending on Twitter and we must admit that it had many interesting tweets.

Here’s a sample of them:





How do you feel when one of your favorite social media platform is down?

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