Instagram To Launch Self-Serve Ad Platform?

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If you have been struggling with Instagram ads, we get you. You probably had to spend a good chunk of your ad budget, just to gain access (rumour has it that brands have to dispose over $50k to advertise) and then you had to know somebody who knows somebody and so on.

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However, it appears that this whole -frustrating- process has a short time left to live. More specifically, the visual social network is gearing towards launching a self-serve style, ad-buying platform in the likes of its big brother, that is, Facebook.

The confirmation of such plans came straight from the mouth of one of Instagram‘s top execs. In an interview with e-MarketerJim Squires Director of Market Operations says:

We’re testing the action-oriented formats and buying through the API now, and we will be doing that through the summer with select partners and clients. Then we’ll be opening up globally and to all advertisers in the early fall timeframe.

That’s exciting news for advertisers. Not only will Instagram grace us with an easier-than-ever ad buying and ad-creation platform, but it will also provide us with even more goodies. The social network will put a lot of focus in its direct-response ad units. This new ad format will allow users to take specific actions each time they see an ad on their feeds. These actions could include subscription to a newsletter or app install. Should we expect a “buyable” format? Squires’ comments suggest so.

Apart from that, Instagram will be leveraging Facebook’s know how which will allow advertisers to achieve thorough granulation and target segmentation on their ads. In addition, as Squires states, there will be some sort of “ad-rating”, in order to retrieve valuable feedback from the audience and help Instagram define what’s relevant to the audience.

And what about aesthetics? We all know that Instagram is a close-knit community and many of its users prefer it for the high quality imagery it provides. According to the same source, Instagram will have well defined guidelines about what’s accepted and what’s prohibited, so as to maintain the impeccable aesthetic result.

Although we had written in the past about Instagram’s upcoming changes, it seems that now, the social network is aiming for the larger part of advertisers that do not necessarily work for big brands. Fingers crossed!

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