Instagram Tests Feature Allowing Users To ‘Go LIVE With A Friend’

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Instagram has announced that it is “testing a fun way to go live with a friend.” The feature allows users to add a guest to their live broadcasts on the platform. 

Since Instagram introduced Live on its platform, I am sure there have been many of you out there who have wished that you could “go live” with one of your friends. Well, today is a great day, because you will be happy to hear that the photo-sharing platform is starting a to test a brand new feature that will allow you to do just that.

Only a small percentage of users have the feature for the time-being, but Instagram has promised a global rollout in the next few months. With this new feature, Instagram wants to make live sharing less intimidating, but keep it authentic. It’s simple. While broadcasting, simply tap on the new icon at the bottom of your screen, picking “Add,” to invite any one of your viewers to join.

Once they do so, the screen will split into two – and it will be the two of you. Other viewers can continue liking and commenting as usual. But say you want to be able to add someone else to the broadcast. You simply remove your first guest and add someone else. Guests can of course leave the broadcast on their own accord.

The resulting video can be shared to your Stories or discarded altogether. This feature has been available on Facebook Live since May. Any of you got the Instagram version? Please share your views!

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