Instagram Forces Popular Bot Service Instagress To Shut Down

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Instagress, one of the most popular bot services for Instagram has been shut down following a request by Instagram. And more such services will surely follow. 

Sure, it’s not easy to gain a big Instagram following. At least not very fast, and especially if you don’t have something really interesting to show the world. Maybe you upload awesome images though, but just don’t have the time to comment, like and follow other users, to build your own following. Because of this, you may want to take a shortcut – to use a bot site like Instagress for example. Only that Instagress has now been shut down, as a result of a “request” from Instagram. And others like it may follow.

We all know that using a bot service to build an Instagram presence isn’t a great idea. For one, all the engagement that you are generating is fake. You’re not building real relationships with your audience. You still might argue that your chosen bot service is just bringing your account to the attention of other users. Sure, ok… if you see it that way. And that’s pretty much how Instagress itself sees its service.

Now, I admit using a bot service on Instagram. I got lazy. But it didn’t do me much good. And neither will it for you. Instagram in particular has been getting very good at recognising fake engagement, and is becoming effective at “shadowbanning” accounts that may (or may not) be following its rules.

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