Instagram For The Web Is Getting A Beautiful New Flat Design

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Instagram was born as a mobile network and everything was always made to keep it a mobile-first platform. But here is the thing: it is way more enjoyable to look at photos from a desktop.

And because of this, the use of the web version of Instagram has been growing strongly over the past few months, and that despite users not being to do much on the platform – i.e. you still cannot upload pictures onto your Instagram profile from the web.

Still, Instagram had to do something, and that came in the form of a beautifully re-designed experience.

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Like most current beautiful websites, Instagram has chosen to go for a flatter, cleaner, prettier design, and that worked very well for the number 1 social photo sharing platform.

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The results of the redesign are a more agreeable and more beautiful ways to look at your photos on Instagram.com. Although the photos themselves are still presented the same way, the overall design is much nicer to look at, as you an see from the below screenshot:


The home feed also adopts infinite scrolling and that makes browsing through photos much smoother – and much more akin to the mobile experience.

This is a clear upgrade design-wise and maybe an early sign that Instagram is now giving more thoughts about its web presence. Now, let us upload pics form the web please.

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