Instagram Boosts Creativity With New Filters And Emoji Hashtags

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Every time Instagram has introduced new filters or editing tools, they always received a huge welcome from the community. Today, as part of its “commitment to creativity,” Instagram is releasing 3 new filters and a very cool new emoji feature.

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The 3 new filters, Lark, Reyes and Juno are inspired by weekend adventure outdoors, according to Instagram. The fact is that the new filters are a modern and subtle way to brighten and enhance your photos, giving them a refined and beautiful “outdoor” look.


Lark desaturates reds and boosts blues and greens. Reyes brings a dusty and vintage look to your pics. Juno add cool tints of green while warming up tones and making whites glow more.

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Instagram also announced a new way to use emoji. Starting right now, you can use emoji in your hashtags. Emoji have become an important part of how we communicate online, they help us communicate emotions and feelings in ways words can not do. They’re independent of language and cultural background, that is what makes them universal. And now, because you can hashtag them, they also become searchable on Instagram, and clickable from within your captions of course.

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