Instagram Adds Facebook’s Canvas Ad Format To Stories

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Instagram wants to increase the flexibility advertisers have when using Instagram Stories, so it’s making three updates, adding to their capabilities.

Since Instagram launched its Stories in August 2016, and then Stories Ads earlier this year, in March, the format has taken off! Instagram admits that both businesses and the community have taken the “full screen experience,” and embraced it properly. So much so, that there are currently 250 MAUs on Stories, among them 50% of businesses that have created at least one Story in the last month.

Instagram wants to increase advertisers’ capabilities with Stories, so it’s beginning with “a seamless extension of the full screen experience,” in the form of an integration with Facebook Canvas. Advertisers will now be able to use the rich-media fullscreen ad format to create Instagram Stories Ads. Also, Instagram is launching an uploading tool allowing businesses to use existing “organic” Stories to create ads within their chosen Ads platform – Power Editor or Ads Manager.

As the company explains, this will unlock “the creative tools of the native Instagram Stories camera” which it has been working on so hard for the last year. With this update, advertisers will be able to extend the reach of their existing stories. They will also be available to use in the future. Creating Stories Ads that really look native, has never been so easy!

The third and final change, is the ability to add Instagram Stories to all placements – Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network – on all campaigns. Instagram says that this feature will be available gradually within the next few weeks as it’s being currently rolled out across the globe.

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