Instagram Adds Face Filters For Live Video

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Instagram is making its face filters accessible when you go Live on its platform, and releases a new exclusive sunglasses filter.

Face filters used to be Snapchat’s thing. In fact, for most of us, they bring back memories of countless hours of fun checking out what our face looked like using each of the filters. Of course, Instagram now also has face filters. And now, the platform is making them also available during Live video.

If you ask me, face filters are even more fun when used during live videos. And on top of all its existing ones, Instagram is also introducing the new sunglasses filter, exclusively for Live video.


To use face filters in  live video, tap the face icon in the bottom right corner. You can access them before or during your broadcast. You can even switch between filters while you are live, giving you the opportunity to try all of them, including the new (very cool) sunglasses filter, which will most certainly remind you of… Snapchat! The cool effect, however, is that you can change the scenery reflected in your sunglasses (with one tap.)

When your broadcast has ended, you can share a replay on your Stories, and it will include all the face filters you have used.

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