[Infographic] The Evolution of Social Media and News Publishing

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What’s the first thing you do every morning when you wake up? Many of you will answer “I’m checking the news of course”. Being informed of what happens in the world is part of our nature and has stayed unchanged, ever since the launch of major news outlets.

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However, it’s not this habit that has changed, but the way we do it. Some decades ago, it was the newspaper that was waiting on our doormat. Now, it’s the internet that provides us with everything we need to know to get our day started.

University of Florida Online has compiled an infographic that depicts the course of news publishing from last century till now. From the 2.4 billion people that have access to the internet, 1.4 of them are using social networks. Among online users, over 60% access news through the internet and 27% through social media.

These stats translate in almost 50% of social media users reaching breaking news through social media. Since 2009, news sites have seen an increase of 57% in their traffic that is social media related. Impressive, right? Let’s see the infographic below and feel free to share your thoughts with us.


What is your social media and/or online routine when it comes to keeping yourself informed?

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