[Infographic] The Art of Timing in Social Media

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One thing is for sure. Social Media never sleeps. However, not all activity is equally distributed during the 24 hours of the calendar day. Most Social Media and Community Managers around the globe, are lost among piles of reports trying to figure out the best time to publish a new post on social media. We all may have a mostly clear idea on when our audience is going through its most engaging time span, however, Fannit decided to make it even easier, by publishing an infographic regarding the hours during which the audience is most active and likely to interact with our updates.

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Some useful lessons to take out from this infographic include the following:

  • – While Facebook people are more active within the working week, for Twitter is quite the opposite. 30% more people engage on Twitter during weekends.
  • – LinkedIn is for after office hours.
  • – Google+ has only 2 hours of activity, so you’d better hurry.

Have a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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