[Infographic] Should Facebook Investors Be Concerned?

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The following infographic, provided by Finance Degree Center will attempt to give you some insight regarding the current status of Facebook, the largest social network so far.

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Although making a promising start during 2012’s IPO, there have been various tribulations on the share’s performance. Its P/E (that is the price per earnings ratio) is considered too high. Does this mean that we should expect a huge drop? We’re not analysts, but this could be the case here.

In addition, various sources report the lack of interest of teenagers towards the pioneer of social networks. This could be partially true, given that other platforms seem more appealing to this age group – see Tumblr. However, with the acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook shows that it really wants to delete all these speculations. (also read: Teens Are Not Really Leaving Facebook, They are Just Less Dominant)

Have a look at the infographic below and feel free to leave your comment.

facebook info graphic

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