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[Infographic] Is Twitter An Effective Marketing Tool For Brands?

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This question has been ringing in the mind of digital marketeers for quite some long. The reasons are obvious; Twitter needs full dedication, as it’s based in real-time interaction. In addition, the 140-character limit requires sharp, to-the point language that will capture audience’s attention.

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The following infographic, produced by SMMU to celebrate Twitter’s 8th birthday, attempts to answer this question. Moreover, it provides some very useful information that prove that not all brands are fully acquainted with Twitter‘s functionalities and solutions for advertisers.

The aforementioned statement could surely explain why the social network is struggling to allocate revenue and its bumpy performance across the stock price chart. While Twitter has expanded its ad suite and experiments with new solutions for publishers and brands, it still hasn’t captured the interest of advertising houses.

Key points to remember

  • – Over 45% of brands claim that the main problem they face is that they can’t measure ROI accurately. Could this be an idea for further development on Twitter‘s side?
  • – Although Vine is owned by the social network, it remains widely underutilized. Moreover, most brands use Twitter for publishing content, rather than engaging in conversations (14,5%)
  • – Over 90% percent of brands have not used Twitter‘s paid services.
  • Twitter is still a relatively new entry in the digital marketing field for brands, with most of them using it between 2 and 3 years.

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