Increase Your Online Presence With Hashtags [Infographic]

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When hashtags were first introduced no-one could imagine that they would become absolutely necessary in all sorts of social media content. Moreover, no one could ever guess that hashtags would have bridged the gap between different platforms. Over the years, a whole sector was build around the science of hashtags in an attempt to explain how to use them, when and why.

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The following infographic, created by QuickSprout summarizes everything you need to know about the use and benefits of hashtags.

Key points to remember

  • – Tweets with hashtags can double your engagement
  • – Hashtags will help you gain followers and forge your reputation
  • – Hashtags can help you track what’s being said about a particular subject.
  • – A hashtag should be concise, conversational and, most of all, unique.
  • Reposts, replies, visits and volume should be your KPIs when measuring the success of a hashtag.


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