Increase your Google+ Engagement by 281%

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True story. At least, that is what the infographic from QuickSprout claims to do, provided that you follow the steps proposed. Although it doesn’t set a timeframe for this, it may happen e.g. in 3 years,  the truth is, that this infographic offers some very interesting info on how to achieve better growth and engagement on Google+.

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The necessity of owning a  Google+ profile or page is pretty obvious. It has a strong effect on search rankings and there are also plans of advanced social ads that will target the whole web, so, being active on this particular social network is more than obligatory. Furthermore, if you are a content creator the  Google+ authorship program offers even more possibilities of your material being read.

Another interesting fact, is that  Google+ members belong to the core of the people that will (most likely) buy your products with an average annual income of 60.000$. Need more proof on why you should be on  Google+? Read below.


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