In Panama, Potholes Are Tweeting To Get Repaired

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There are many ways in which Twitter has been used in campaigns, but this one is, for the least, quite original.

In Panama, streets are in very bad shape, which is causing great inconvenience to those who drive trough the city every day. Well, in a move to convince the Ministry of Public Works to act, potholes themselves started to tweet.

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The Tweeting Pothole is a campaign launched by Telemetro Reporta, an influential news show in Panama City and P4 Ogilvy & Mather.

The created a device which would automatically tweet a complaint to @MOPdePanama, the Twitter account behind the Ministry of Public Works, hoping to draw attention to the problem and encourage them to act.

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The TV show gave special airtime for the campaign, showing some of the complaint tweets sent by the potholes and building awareness around the campaign itself. And it proved to be a very good idea: as the message got amplified on Twitter, the Ministry finally decided to act and started fixing up potholes all over the city of Panama.

Another great example of the power of social media, no?

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