In Lack of Inspiration? Let Buffer Suggest Content You Can Share

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Finding content to share on social media is not always as easy as it seems. Yes, we have all been through the “writer’s block” phenomenon and it can be very frustrating. Sometimes, you will just want to find something to tweet that will “break” the routine on your feed, offer something different to your followers, so that it is not always about you, you and you. Again, coming up with the idea for something different to share might not always be easy. But that’s ok, because Buffer is here to help!

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In fact, Buffer has started offering content suggestions within its app. You will get 5 “daily content suggestions” you can share on your buffer within 24 hours. And the next day, you will get another 5 new suggestions!


All you have to do is click on the “view suggestions” button and you will discover your 5 daily content suggestions. And then it’s so easy, you simply have to click “Add” next to the suggestions you will indeed want to share on your buffer this day.


My advice is of course to check the links that may be inserted in the suggestions and see that they indeed are relevant to your content strategy. But it is always great to get some inspirational help and you will also discover some great quotes!

This feature is not yet available to all users according to feedback we got from Buffer, but it should gradually roll out.

How do you like the idea?

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