If You Had To Choose One: Vine or Vimeo?

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Video will certainly be one of the pillar of digital marketing for years to come. Today, YouTube rules over social video, but the future may also see rising stars like Vine and Vimeo take a big chunk of the pie.

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The following infographic from oneproductions.com takes a closer look and compares both video platforms. They may not look like very similar, but Vine and Vimeo both have strong arguments to claim a place among the top social media video platforms.

Key Points To Remember

  • Vine (2013) was launched almost 10 years after Vimeo (2004)
  • Vimeo had a turnover of $40 million in 2013, while Vine did not have any revenue
  • Vine now counts over 40 million users, Vimeo counts 170 million monthly viewers


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