Hulu Launched Its Own GIF Search Engine

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What is more awesome than a GIF? A video GIF from your favourite TV show of course! And now it is easier than ever to find them and use them all over the web, thanks to The Perfect Gif, a new Tumblr by Hulu.

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The Perfect Gif is like the most awesome search engine out there, because it is only about GIFs from all the best TV Shows. It already features more than 1,400 GIFs from different shows hosted on Hulu.com. Every GIFs is tagged so it is easily searchable.


The site also regroups all the GIFs under 8 categories to make it quick to find the one you want – including the most epic ones: LOL, OMG, FAIL and SWAG.

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It’s all 100% free, but the GIFs all come with a #Hulu watermark, for branding of course. We cannot blame them, can we?


This might seem like a trivial move by Hulu.com but if you think how many GIFs are published each day, you will soon realise this might be the best viral campaign ever to promote the shows available on Hulu.

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