How To Use Snapchat To Reach A Younger Audience

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Snapchat is probably the only social network that is so appealing to the younger audience, although it is still intimidating for many marketers. Its ephemerality and its narrow audience tend to confuse several marketers on whether they should really add it on their brand’s content strategy. 

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It has been observed that Snapchat’s core audience is between 13-25 old, which means that it grabs the attention of a very demanding audience. Almost 400 million “snaps” are sent each day, with the number noting a growth quarter by quarter.

If your brand is focusing on a younger demographic, then Snapchat could be the secret weapon for your content strategy.

How Do You Start With Snapchat?

First of all, you’ll need to create a Snapchat account for your brand. Then, you need to start promoting it through the other social networks that your brand uses. The next step is to provide the right rewards to your followers, while you’re also looking for creative ways to create (and maintain) an engagement with them.

If you’re still wondering though what type of content could be the right one, then here is what your Snapchat audience could enjoy.

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Examples of Snapchat content for your brand

  • – Contests: exclusive contests allow your audience to share their creativity with you, feeling part of your community while devoting their precious time.
  • – Coupons: a promotional offer a coupon may be a good start, providing that you’re not known only as the ‘freebie brand’ with no other value.
  • – Sneak Peaks of new products: how about promoting your new products in a very creative way that will definitely appeal to your audience?
  • – Behind the Scenes to your company culture: a fun ‘snap’ is a direct way to allow your followers to fell part of your brand.
  • – Team introduction: it’s not just the brand, but also the people that make it great. That’s why a ‘snap’ with your team members is always appreciated!
  • – Targeted videos: your audience is waiting for your ‘snaps’, make sure you provide them with a targeted content!

What Does Your Snapchat Presence Say About Your Brand?

In case your brand is still reluctant to try out Snapchat, you might need to remind the rest of the team that a successful Snapchat presence may actually be more rewarding than many other social networks.

Brands that successfully use Snapchat prove that they:

  • – Stay on top of new things
  • – Love testing their limits and their creativity
  • – Know where to find their target audience

After all, what’s also great with Snapchat is the fact that even a small brand may create a successful campaign, since it doesn’t necessarily require a large budget or any technical skills. All you need is creativity and willingness to experiment!

Are you ready to try it out?


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