How To Structure A Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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Do you use LinkedIn? Do you feel you are getting the profile views you deserve? If not, this is not because you are not interesting, it might just be because your LinkedIn profile is not optimized.

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There are several factors that help LinkedIn decide how important your profile is and hence, if it should be brought in specific search results. The good news is that you can influence most of these and help your profile  be an even better tool for you and your business. Seems legit when you think that 77% of users say LinkedIn helped them research users and companies.

The great guys at QuickSprout have put together an infographic – “How to structure a perfect LinkedIn post” – that will show you the different manners you can really give your LinkedIn profile a boost.

Key Points To Take Away

  • – Upgrading to a premium account does increase your visibility on LinkedIn
  • – Having a custom URL set will increase the chance of users finding you on LinkedIn
  • Make sure your profile is set to public, otherwise you will not get any views at all!
  • – Get endorsements, they do help when it comes to being featured in search results
  • – Ask for and give recommendations. They are one of the most looked for element in profile
  • Be active daily: 40% of LinkedIn users log in daily
  • Post regularly: it takes at least 20 updates a month to reach 60% of your audience on LinkedIn

Now check out the full infographic by QuickSprout:


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