How To Record Snapchats Without The Sender Knowing

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On Snapchat, everything you share is supposed to be ephemeral. That means that any content that you shared will disappear immediately after being viewed. Except if you take a screenshot. But then, the sender is notified that you did so. And it doesn’t work for video of course. Not practical.

There is a solution however. It comes from Will Wei, senior producer for BI Tech.

The following solution will let you record anything from Snapchat, photos and videos, and without the sender ever knowing you did.

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Disclaimer: The solution only works for iPhones and requires to use a mac computer too, together with your iPhone lighting cable.

First, connect your iPhone to your mac using the lighting cable. Launch Quicktime and then, under File, select New Movie Recording. This automatically activates the FaceTime camera on your mac, so you will have to switch to using your phone instead. This will allow you to record an on-screen movie of everything on your phone, including your Snapchats of course!

For the full explanation and how-to, check out the video from Business Insider Tech:

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