How To Make Boring Underwear An Awesome Product On KickStarter

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There is nothing sexy or fun about mens underwear. So for years, marketers trying to advertise underwear for men have relied on dull TV spots starring male models who, between you and me, never actually convinced any serious man to buy undies. Let’s face it, men undies are a hard product to advertise. Except if you come up with an awesome story and deploy it on an unusual platform.

Meet Léo, a window mannequin for Le Slip Français, who is on a quest to follow his beloved Sherry to the US. But for that, Léo needs your financial support on Kickstarter.

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The campaign has a true background. Le Slip Français (the French slip) is a successful mens underwear brand in France, but they are looking to expand into the US. Instead of spending millions of advertising dollars to force their way in, the French based company decided that it would be way more fun, and effective, to ask backers to help them fund the project. And the result is simply awesome.

A good campaign needs a good story. And this is exactly what Le Slip Françaishave done. They created the story of Léo, a plastic window mannequin who met the love of his life, Sherry, also a plastic mannequin, during the fashion week in Paris. Their story was beautiful, but then, suddenly, Sherry was taken away from Léo, sent back to the US. Léo cannot stand being away from his love, and he has made up his mind, he will go after Sherry, all the way to the US if needed. But a window mannequin does not have much possession, and Léo needs your help to fund his trip on Kickstarter.


Backing up Léo can get you various rewards from having your name shared on Léo’s Facebook page to receiving a postcard from his trip or adopting his plastic green plant or even Dupont, his plastic dog. A maximum backing of $3,000 can even get you an all inclusive VIP day  with Léo and his team to live The American Dream in LA.

Very Love Trip is an awesome example on how campaigns can go a long way in promoting products that are not usually easy to promote. A good story, a lot of creativity and an original online platform, that’s all it takes sometimes!

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Here is the story of Léo’s “Very Love Trip” story on video, will you back him up?

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