How To Increase YouTube Engagement By 374%

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When approaching social media marketing many businesses are no keen on looking for alternatives way to Facebook. Video platforms, and especially YouTube, seem to drive more and more engagement.

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YouTube is a demanding platform however. Content is more than King here, it is everything. If your business does not have video content, you will have to produce some before you can start being successful on YouTube. But there is not need to apprehend this, videos do not always have to look like Hollywood production to trigger engagement for your brand on YouTube.

Now, if you feel ready to start marketing your business on YouTube, this infographic by QuickSprout will not only reinforce your idea that you are doing the right thing, it will also show you some best practices to generate more engagement.

Key Points To Take Away

  • – Your video thumbnail is very important, it can trigger up to +154% more clicks to your video
  • – Surprisingly, longer videos tend to generate more engagement
  • – Don’t forget to add metadata to your uploads (headlines, tags, …)
  • Add annotations on your video (click here to find out how)
  • Talk to your viewers! Answer their comment.

Now check out the full infographic for more insight:


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