How To Get Noticed On Instagram: Try Something Different

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What’s the first thing that comes into mind when you think about Instagram? Food would be a great answer. And what’s the success to Instagram success? Food and creativity of course!

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At least, this is what appears to be in the case of Phil Ferguson. The famous Instagrammer, hailing from Melbourne, Australia has created a unique approach which combines the social network’s most sought-after subjects: food and (over the top) creativity.

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The Aussie, knits its own headgear, featuring favourite snacks and food from all over the world, from a full-face aubergine, to a pizza slice and a well sized taco. Sure, he’s got an enormous talent on crocheting, but he also knows how to serve it (see what we did here?).

Wearing his head knits and his most serious face he creates a hilarious photo collection that has already attracted almost 64 thousand followers in only 41 pictures posted. Enjoy some fantastic instances from his account below.

To our eyes, this is Instagram at its best.

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