[HOW TO] Delete Your Facebook Search History in 3 Steps

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Have you been tempted to look for things on facebook you then wished would not remain stored in your Facebook Data history?

Truth is Facebook already knows a lot about us, so there is no need to let it keep even more information on us, right?

Well Facebook keeps track on everything single search you do on its platform, but the good news, is that it takes only 3 steps for you to delete these!

1. Go to your timeline, look for the “Activity Log” button on the bottom right corner of your cover photo, Click on it


2. In the left column of your activity log, look for “Search, you might need to click on “more” to see it


3. Finally, simply click on “Clear Searches” on the top-right of the page, and your search history will be deleted ;)

That’s it, so simple! 3 easy steps to clear up your search history in Facebook!


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