How To Create Great Social Content [Infographic]

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So, you run a Facebook Page? So what? Do you know how to fill it with engaging content? Do you want to build a successful strategy?

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According to Salon Advantage, creating great content that people will like and be willing to share, is a five-step process. They’ve created a cool infographic to illustrate them, as well as tips on how to take action. You can find the infographic below, but here are the 5 steps:

1. Get yourself a cool idea. Identify ideas and structure them
2. Think about how you would like to make it travel. Figure out which media you would like to use
3. Figure out who you want to reach. Identify your audience
4. Plan your delivery. Make sure you customise your content to suit your needs
5. Put it out there. Start racking up likes, shares and comments



Simple? Put it to the test.

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