How To Calculate The Value Of Earned Organic Reach On Facebook

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If the title made sense to you, congratulations, you must already be quite familiar with Facebook paid media analysis. If not, don’t worry, you will soon find out what Earned Organic Reach is on Facebook and how you can actually calculate its money value.

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We all know what reach is, it’s basically the number of people your update was shown to. Now we have all learned that organic reach has been repetitively decreasing over the past few months on Facebook and we often make up for this by using paid media to boost our posts.

Using Facebook paid media is a great way to gain reach and, hence, exposure. But the great thing about Facebook paid media is that it also brings its share of earned organic reach.

What Is Earned Organic Reach?

Earned organic reach (EOR) is that extra reach your Facebook update gains when a user who has seen your post – thanks to paid promotion – likes it or shares it on his timeline. By doing this, he is in fact allowing your update to also be seen by his friends and followers, helping your update gain further reach.

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The great thing is that you can calculate the money value of this extra organic reach you have earned. Why? Because this is a number that will indicate how well your paid promotion did. And also because your clients will love that number. Who does not like getting a little extra for free when you paid for something?

Calculate The Value of Earned Organic Reach On Facebook

Like all good things in analytics, it starts with a mathematic formula. It’s not too complicated, but you will need to learn how to use it well. Here it is:

EOR=\frac{\text{Organic Reach}}{1000}\times(\text{Amount Spent}/{\frac{\text{Total Paid Reach}}{1000}})

Example: You have spent $7500 to promote a few posts on Facebook. Your campaign generated a paid reach of 650,000 and you also gained 250,000 of organic reach. The value of the organic reach you gained is $2,884.62:


Where Do I Find These Numbers?

You will find the “Amount Spent” and “Total Paid Reach” in the advert manager, in the campaign summary. For the amount of “Organic Reach” simply go to your page’s insights (or directly on your page’s timeline if you only promoted 1 or few posts) and look for the “Organic” number under the posts. If you promoted more than 1 post, simply add these numbers up to get your “Organic Reach.”


Calculating your EOR money value is not as complicated as it may seems at first. Try it and you will see. The value of Earned Organic Reach (EOR) is actually a great KPI for measuring the real value of a paid promotion on Facebook. Some good campaigns can almost get as much EOR as paid reach.

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