How Taco Bell Rules Instagram

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The famous mexican-american food chain was the first to advertise through Instagram. The brand created a campaign to announce its breakfast menu and delivered it through the Ad platform created by Instagram. The results were impressive.

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The campaign combines Taco Bell’s story with their brand new product. In the 60s, when burger stands dominated Southern California, Glen Bell created Taco Bell which today serves more than 36 million customers worldwide. Having a solid offline customer base, the brand turned to Instagram for the launch of their breakfast menu, in order to appeal to the 18-44 audience.

The creative team crafted a series of photos displaying Taco Bell’s breakfast products injected into scenes representing an active, adventurous lifestyle, familiar among young people. The images were processed using sepia tones, giving them a touch of vintage feel.

taco bell live mas breakfast instagram campaign

According to Chris Brandt, Taco Bell’s Chief Marketing Officer:

We let the concept drive creative production an paired that with what we knew about how people engage on Instagram. What resulted was a powerful visual narrative for our new breakfast menu that was a perfect fit within the Instagram environment.

The campaign resulted in 12.5 million 18-44 US users seeing the ads and 29-point lift in ad recall for people who were repeatedly exposed to the campaign. On average, users saw Taco Bell’s ads two times throughout the one-month campaign.

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