How Small Businesses Are Doing Social Media

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Small Businesses are everything but small when it comes to finding new ways to promote their business. And this is no wonder that many of them have turned to social media before even some multinationals did. Social simply works for Small businesses! And SMBs are among the businesses that dare the most on social!

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LinkedIn conducted a study to investigate the efforts Small Businesses do for their marketing on Social Media and also show us how important they actually are for the global economy:

Small businesses make the US economy tick. They create six out of every ten new jobs, and pumped about $3 trillion into the economy last year. If you’re a small business owner, you should stand tall and proud knowing this.

What to remember

  • 9 in 10 SMBs use social media
  • – Most Small Businesses use social media to attract new customers
  • – 49% of SMBs owners use social media for learning

Check out the infographic prepared by LinkedIn:


By the way, LinkedIn is often preferred by Small Businesses to build their network and establish their credibility. What’s your favorite platform for doing business on social media?

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