How Responsive Is Your Brand On Facebook?

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It’s common for a business to maintain a Facebook page as a way to engage with customers and reach a wider audience, but when it comes to the actual engagement, how do you measure your communication skills?

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Social media is all about being social and many brands feel the need to show their human side through the social networks, attracting potential clients and learning more about their audience. However, your social side is not visible only through your Facebook posts, but also on your responsiveness when it comes to customers’ posts.

When Was The Last Time You Replied To A Post On Your Page’s Wall?

By the time you start creating a community around your Facebook Page, you should already be aware that the customers demand more from you and your brand and the way they will be treated. Whether they are current or potential clients, they want to be able to actually communicate with you when they want to, either to ask a question, or even to make a complaint.

According to a study led by Locowise, it is surprising how many brands forget to answer messages on their Page’s wall, leaving up to 87% of all users’ posts unanswered. The study was conducted by comparing 900 Facebook pages, with almost 300 million likes in total, and despite the possible lack of context for the posts and pages that were examined, it is still an alarming number.

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Even if there is spam or duplicate content on your Page’s wall, your brand should still monitor these messages, in a way to prove that you’re really social, without ignoring a post that needs your attention. Do you want to harm your brand’s online reputation?

How To Improve Your Brand’s Responsiveness

  • – Spend at least 15 minutes each day to monitor your Page’s messages
  • – Reply to the posts that wait for an answer
  • – Clean up the messages that are spammy (showing how organized and clean your brand is)
  • – Encourage your audience to ask questions (proving that you listen to them)
  • – Include Facebook in your customer service (to allow fast and direct conversation with your audience)
  • – Show that you really care about your customers

Need Inspiration On How To Improve Your Customer Service Through Facebook?

Locowise measured the “social media customer heroes” helping you understand how big brands take advantage of social media to communicate with their customers.

  • Domino’s Pizza – 121 responses and a 73% response rate
  • Virgin Media – 111 responses and a 53% response rate
  • Vodafone – 94 responses and a 86% response rate
  • Missguided – 52 responses and a 31% response rate
  • Nando’s – 43 responses and a 66% response rate

So now you know what it takes to become a response champion on Facebook – Hard work, tight monitoring and being natural. Good luck!

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