How Recruiters Use Social Media

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Before there were local papers, then came specialists websites. Nowadays recruiters have made the turn to social media for their job advertising needs.

Of course this means that the businesses looking to find their next employees must have social media profiles, but we’ll take that as granted since more and more businesses have understood they can no longer ignore social media.

The following infogaphic compiled by the good guys at shows how 92% of businesses now use social media as a mean to recruit people. Why do they do so? Because it takes less time to find the right candidate. Moreover many companies have understood the benefits of using employees and asking them for referrals on social media, referrals that they often are ready to compensate for.

One more thing before you check out the infographic, employers are looking at what you post on your social media profile before they decide to hire you (or not).

Have you seen any good job offers on social media lately? Maybe you have even been hired through social media? Tell us about your experience in the comments! Thanks!

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