How Old is Social Media?

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Watching TEDx talks is something I do regularly. I am always on the lookout for someone who will teach me something new and these talks are truly inspiring.

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The other day, I stumbled upon this fabulous talk by Tom Standage delivered on June 2013. Starting from the Roman era, Tom takes us through History and explains how former generations had their own forms of social media.

Very informative and fun, this talk will open your eyes and make you realize that for most of Human’s History, news have been delivered via social means. In fact, “the mass-media era was a historical anomaly“, as Tom puts it.

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He also demonstrates how coffee houses were very open and encouraged people, regardless of their social class, and status to join conversations and have a debate. It’s exactly what Twitter does now: everyone can hop in and have their say.

Enough said, just be sure to check out this talk – you will even get to see Martin Luther traffic stats!

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