How Often Should you Post on Social Media?

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It’s a “question as old as Facebook“, or at least ever since brands started using social media“How often should I post on my social channels?” I get asked this almost every day, and honestly, the answer is different each time. Why so? Well, because each industry is different and each brand has a different audience to cater for.

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Different people log on at different times and and interact differently with social posts during the day. However, a “rule of thumb” – so to speak – might actually exist. I found a cool infographic from analytics company, SumAll who have researched this, and put it in a more “digestible” format.

Key Takeaways From The Infographic

(Take the numbers with a pinch of salt. They’re not gospel):

  • – How often to post on Twitter? Research indicates that engagement starts to drop after 3 tweets a day, so keep you should tweet around 3 times per day to retain it.
  • – What about Facebook? Twice a day is a sweet spot. Likes and comments seem to drop after that.
  • – And LinkedIn? Well, keep it within 20 posts per month to reach 60% of your audience. Yes, that’s around once a weekday day. Forget the weekends.
  • – Google+ is still around. How often should you post? Despite the fact that Google+ isn’t one of the champions among social platforms, engagement actually goes up with posting frequency. So 3 times a day is good.
  • – Do you prefer Pinterest? Lots and lots of posting. Even 5 times per day! More posting causes phenomenal growth.
  • – Into posting photos on Instagram? Brands should post should post 1.5 times per day, or more on average. If you can keep up with the posting, you will get more engagement… no drop off here!
  • – Brands with blogs? Go up to 6-8 posts per month to see leads pouring in!

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