How Disney’s Nametags Outperform Your Best Marketing On A Good Day

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Do you know why Disney theme park employees wear name tags with their hometowns on them? Or why you’re more likely to love a brand if it starts with the same letter as your first name?

Well you’re about to find out!

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It’s called the Persuasive Role of Incidental SimilarityBecause science.

Mainly, it means that when a buyer perceives she has something in common with a seller – no matter how accidental or insignificant – she is more likely to buy. And buy more than she would have otherwise.

Even the smallest commonality is enough to create the connection that inspires customer confidence in an exchange. [Because research].

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It is part of the common sense marketing that my grandfather taught me. That rock upon which I’ve built my businesses.

Speak Human. Win The Internet. It isn’t just my (incredible) tagline. It might as well be – Speak Human. Win At Life. It’s how I was raised. It’s what I believe in.

Spend 10 minutes on my social channels and website and you’ll know I CrossFit. I really dig red wine. I’m gaga about my 2 young daughters. And I’m a sucker for really smart sci-fi. Because you don’t have to make this stuff up. Just share yourself. Share your oddities. Embrace your weird.

And it’s your social media challenge this week! Make room in your social posting this week to highlight who you ARE, not just what you DO. The more you reveal, the more people will find they have in common with you.

Because Data. The thing is that “incidental similarities” are ridiculously commonplace. The odds of striking a chord with your audience are highly in your favor. If you share them. If you don’t, well you’re just another suit behind a screen.

P.S. While you’re making your list of what to share on social media this week (and, I hope, forever) … don’t forget the music! Shared taste in music ranks #1 when it comes to persuasive affinities.

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