How Did Superbowl Ads Use Social Media?

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Superbowl is the event of the year for marketing professionals, especially for brands that are part of it through impressive ads. As a widely discussed event, you know that you need to take advantage of every single second of your ad, in order to increase your reach, your engagement, or any specific promotion of a service.

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Thus, social media could not be ignored in advertising, especially when they claim an even larger piece of the ad chart year by year.

How Many Ads Mentioned A Social Network?

According to MarketingLand, 50% of the ads, 28 in total, used a hashtag, with 8 of them mentioning a social network and 25 of them adding a URL.

Superbowl social media scoreboard

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Facebook was the social winner, with 4 mentions in total, while Twitter had 3 and Snapchat 1, its first mention in Superbowl ad.

As a reminder, 57% of the ads featured a hashtag last year, which means that there was a slight drop this year.

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Is There A Decline In Social Mentions?

No, just because advertisers used slightly less the hashtags this year, doesn’t mean that social media are still not a huge part of their campaigns. On the contrary, they know that users are becoming more social savvy year-by-year, which means that they are spreading the news on their own, talking about what captures their attention anyway on their social networks.

Even if you didn’t watch the Superbowl or the ads, you must have noticed a trending topic, or a hashtag right?
(Yes, even Katy Perry’s performance counts!)

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