How Big is Tumblr? [infographic]

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Tumblr is becoming the world’s favorite blogging platform, one step at a time. I mean, we have all heard about it, everyone is talking about it and many claim it might even be the next number one paltform. One thing for sure, teens love it and Tumblr is getting big.

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Tumblr was launched back in February 2007 as “yet another blogging platform”.  However it seems that it managed to make a pretty good place for itself among the already crowded industry of the  blogging and social platforms.

But how big Tumblr really is? Let’s go through some stats brought to us by Website Host Review.

What to Remember:

  • 168,9 million blogs are now hosted on Tumblr
  • – Tumblr is available in 13 languages
  • – Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo in May 2013 for $1,1 billion
  • – Tumblr has the 2nd highest RPV after Facebook (Revenue Per Visit)

Now Check out this great infographic created by Website Host Review:


Do you use Tumblr? If not, did you think it was that big? Let us know in the comments below!

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