How About 3D Selfies On Snapchat?

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You like your Snapchat selfies, don’t you? Come on, be honest, you’re not the only one. Did you know that Snapchat accounts for 5% of all selfies shared on the internet everyday.

Well, know this: Selfies on Snapchat might soon get a full 3D treatment!

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Last week, Snapchat quietly acquired Seene, an Augmented Reality startup which specialises in 3D rendering. And there is no doubt that the aim of this is to incorporate Seene’s tech into Snapchat.

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Seene is a pretty cool app which allows you to scan and create a 3D image of yourself only by using your smartphone. Yes, you read that right! No need for several cameras or infrared sensors… just your smartphone, and its existing camera lens.

Have a look at how it works:

Snapchat might have plans to extend its operations to full Virtual Reality but our bet for the near future is that Seene’s tech will be incorporated into Snapchat as one of its already popular lens filters. SwapFace has proven to be extremely popular among its user base, and also bringing in many new users to Snapchat.

The future is here, or, at least, coming soon on Snapchat.

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